God’s Vision for Our Lives



So many times when we have gone through traumas and losses, it’s easy to think that God is mad at us or that we are not pleasing Him enough to have good things happen to us. Maybe we all have considered that at some point, but those thoughts couldn’t be further from the truth. He is a loving God Who wants the best for us.

Throughout the blog posts and pages on this site, we’ll talk more about what God desires for us. But for now, we’ll start with the fact that He wants us to have wellness in every area of our lives. Below I’ve listed those areas.







To have wellness and wholeness in these areas, we often need to look inward and check what we’re thinking, then make the necessary changes. We’ll work on how to achieve wellness in these areas as we grow this site. That’s why this will be all encompassing site that shares tips, products, and services that can truly help you have wellness in all areas.

I’m glad that you are joining me on this journey. When we know what God desires for us to have, then we can go after that and see results.