I Need to Change My Life

Most likely, after all the traumas and losses you’ve had you’re thinking, maybe I need to change my life. Right? So how can you do that? Sometimes traumatic events seem relentless in our lives, coming at us one after another. We can find ourselves wishing for a breather and for rest so we can get some quality sleep or so we can think straight again. Have you ever had those kinds of experiences? You might be thinking about changing your life, but there are many things to consider depending on whether you’re rebuilding your life from scratch or not.

First Changes

You might start by taking inventory of your life to locate the areas that are out of sorts starting with basic needs. The major focus should be on determining whether your basic needs are being met. A general basic needs list might include food, clothing, shelter, water, and healthcare. But in my years of experience in helping others rebuild their lives, this list isn’t comprehensive enough. This is only a start.

Second Line of Changes

A more comprehensive list casts a broader net. For instance, it’s difficult to hold down a job without a stable place to live, but we need to take that a step further. Having a safe, non-threatening environment becomes critical for women and children—especially those who have been in abusive situations.
Other aspects of a broader basic needs list include clothing, transportation, childcare, education, dental, vision, medications, and mental health needs. Having these needs met enables you to better focus on working and earning money to improve your situation. Think about how many of these needs if not met might prohibit you from getting a job or focusing and doing a good job at work. Again, an example might be that without certain work clothes you can’t get a job or without reliable transportation you can’t go to and from work or shop for food and clothing. If there are health, dental, or vision problems they might even keep you from being able to work. Of course, if you need medications but don’t have insurance or cannot afford the copay, then you may not be well enough to work. So you see there may be a lot of changes needed in your life depending on your journey.

Additional Changes

You might need to change your life, but until you make sure that the very basic needs issues are handled, it will be difficult to move forward. However, once the above basic needs and other needs are met, then you can focus on additional changes like improving your income, health, relationships, work, emotional and spiritual health. Stick with the needs we’ve discussed here as a starting point for changing your life and build from there. You can do this!

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4 thoughts on “I Need to Change My Life”

  1. This is really interesting; just as I was reading this, I thought of my desire to travel. I absolutely love watching documentaries on Netflix, and there’s always that desire to be able to experience more. Underneath that surface is a desire to increase my income, so I can travel more.

    But even as I look to increase my income so that I can travel more, I have the opportunity to see more of where I am right here in New York City!

    • Hi Veronica! I appreciate you stopping by and sharing your comments! NYC is a great place with lots to see and do. Great food too! It’s true that sometimes to experience life more fully, we need to increase our income or tighten the financial reins a bit or rethink how we spend our time. Maybe you can explore something fun in the City this weekend. Enjoy some good Italian food for me!

  2. I have just recently suffered from a heart attack after a year of depression and anxiety, at only 38 years old it was a huge change to my life which I had to give up work and still support my wife and 4 children.
    I was a Scaffolder in the construction industry for 20 years and to go from that hard work to doing nothing was a huge change for me as im not used to not working, but I found a place online called Wealthy Affiliate that has changed the way I look at my future and what I can accomplish. Change isnt always good, but you need to do your best with what you have got.
    This was a really interesting post, so cheers for taking the time to write this.

    • Wow, Matthew, you’re a walking miracle! That’s awesome! So glad you persevered to overcome the health and job loss obstacles. I sense that you came out a far stronger, more resilient person as a result of those challenges. Way to go! Thank you for sharing some of your rebuilding process.


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