Maximizing Potential

How do we get from pain, loss, and trauma to maximizing potential? Slowly. After digging out from under painful traumas or losses, maximizing potential obviously isn’t foremost in our minds. However, we want to avoid getting stuck in the trauma of events by at least taking small steps daily.

Eventually, as more healing comes, we are able to look beyond taking one step each day.​ So then the question about our future and whether we are utilizing our potential might arise as we see things from a new perspective.

How to maximize my potential? You might wonder, how is it even possible to maximize your potential with all that you’ve been through? What would your life look like when you’re maximizing your potential? Think about the skills, talents, and interests that you have, along with the things that you enjoy doing and that you do well. Also consider what people ask you to help them with. Are you the go-to person for career advice, foster dog care, or casual sports team conversations, or business advice?

I believe that as we move forward rebuilding our lives, it is good to remember that there is something special we were created to do. While there may be a season of grieving over a loss or trauma that occurred, there is still hope.

As the healing process occurs, we can consider where we left off before that event, possibly see ourselves and our situations from an even better perspective, and consider how to move forward with what we have learned since that time. When we reach that point, then we are more likely to be ready to think about maximizing our potential.

This section will help you figure out where to go next as you move forward. With the tips and tools on regaining God’s vision for your life and restoring your passion, you will be on the path to maximizing your potential.