Thankful for First Responders


Not a day goes by that I don’t see first responders heading out to calls and I wonder what type of situation they will encounter when they get to where they’re going. So I pray for them. When we’ve experienced traumatic events and are rebuilding our lives, we may have placed calls to first responders for help. I don’t know about you, but I’m very thankful for first responders. They often start the rebuilding process for individuals in crisis by stabilizing situations and conditions, so we can get back to normal. Continue reading “Thankful for First Responders”

How to Get Through the Holidays

Octavio J. Garcia N—PEXELS

I had planned on getting this out sooner, but too many people have been going through the transition of friends, family members, and parents. So things have been a bit hectic. Part of rebuilding after traumatic events is learning how to get through the holidays when special dates of someone’s traumatic event or loss are now etched in Continue reading “How to Get Through the Holidays”

Who is Influencing You?

Seems like we’re in and out of the process of rebuilding our lives. But no  matter what stage we’re in, we need to consider the influences in our lives and  how they are impacting our ability to rebuild our lives and move forward after traumatic events. Have you really thought about who is influencing you?—PEXELS

Continue reading “Who is Influencing You?”

You Can Change Your Life


The process of rebuilding our lives after traumatic events can take time depending on how much of an impact the trauma has had on our lives and on our well-being. It also depends on how resilient (or able to bounce back) we might be. Whatever the situation, it’s important to remember Continue reading “You Can Change Your Life”