Are You Rebuilding Your Life?

Hi! I’m Colleen. Welcome to my website! Maybe you have come here because you’ve had some challenges that left you wondering how to pick up the pieces and rebuild your life. Or maybe you have had a combination of life-changing events occur at one time and found yourself in overwhelm.

While it’s no fun to rebuild, it is part of life. If we stay positive, open and teachable, we can learn, change, and grow through it all.  That’s true no matter what the loss or trauma might have been. Maybe it was a job loss, physical loss, divorce, financial loss, relational loss, housing or auto loss, or a combination of these that happened and caused you to start over. 

Maybe there were more positive losses like children moving out, leaving for college, or getting married. Or maybe it was about you starting a new job or moving to a new location. While these things can be exciting, they are still stressful and somewhat traumatic—especially if leaving behind loved ones as we move forward.

For whatever reason you find yourself rebuilding, I’m glad you arrived here. Come join me on this journey filled with hope in maximizing your potential no matter what stage of life’s rebuilding process you’re in right now.