Healing is a process. We sometimes feel pressure to heal quickly from painful events, because life comes at us fast and we have so much to do. So we seek answers on how to heal from trauma.

Do we go into total seclusion and mourn for months? No. Do we party-hearty to mask the pain so we don’t feel it? No, that is not a good solution, because addictive behaviors can form and those behaviors typically tear apart lives and families. Some better options might be talking with experts like counselors or ministers who can walk with us on our journeys and share perspectives that will bring healing.

Healing might also come through friends as we talk and share experiences, or through blog posts or books that we read. Maybe a sermon we hear or a talk on a particular topic will shed light and bring more healing to our hurts.

Within the healing process usually is the need to forgive ourselves and/or others who might have been involved in those traumatic events in our lives. Your healing may require some changes so you can better move forward, but not to worry. There will be help for your healing as we walk on this journey together.