How do we start over? Hope is a good starting point. We hope for things that we desire, but do not yet see in our lives. Through traumas and losses, our once strong hope can get pounded. Hard. Sometimes our hope might seem further out of reach or it may even disappear leaving a big black hole of hopelessness that things will ever get better again.

We wonder how to ignite hope.

Start small. Do something you enjoy or things that have previously sparked your hope. The key is to take small steps doing what “we” know we can handle. Going for a walk, watching the birds, squirrels, or wildlife, and going to the lake can be very therapeutic for some people. Listening to soothing music in a favorite chair may also a good way to relax and think about positive rebuilding strategies.

Stay around people who are positive and hopeful. It’s important to interact with others who understand our healing journey but to avoid those who do not. No need to be in situations that will pull us down. We won’t go wrong looking for ways to help others, because it moves us beyond our pain as we give our time and energy to others. For example, if there’s a homeless shelter nearby, go feed the homeless, or find others less fortunate than you and spend some time getting to know them. You’ll find that you will leave with your hope ignited.

There are many things to consider when we need to boost our hope. These are the things that we will look at as we move forward on this site. Meanwhile, remember that there is Hope and we will be serving it up right here too!