About Me & My Journey

It’s Colleen again! I’m glad you came by this page to find out more about me and how I am qualified to help you.

This site is designed to help you rebuild your life after traumas and losses so you can maximize your potential.

My trauma or loss may not be a trauma or loss to you and vice versa. Why is that? Because of the uniqueness of our life journeys and the previous traumas we’ve been through.

Rebuilding our lives can be an ongoing thing. I’ve certainly had my share of the rebuilding process, but through it all, I have learned that God has good plans for my life. There have been many years of learning how to rebuild, as well as coaching and helping others to rebuild their lives. So being a coach and mentor at heart, I want to share what I’ve learned on how to start over in hopes that it will help you with your journey.

A Bit About My Story

While there have been traumatic events and losses in my life since childhood, I have always been resilient and determined to go forward—no matter what. The “impact” of the traumas and losses people experience came to my attention when I first moved to Atlanta a number of years ago. I was sad to see such a large homeless population. Serving in inner-city ministries, homeless shelters, and food pantries, and working closely with homeless individuals to help them start to rebuild their lives, I heard firsthand their stories of how they became homeless. Unfortunately, their circumstances often left them beaten down with little resilience and determination. Their experiences left them fighting to maintain their sanity, relationships, lives, and possessions while struggling to move forward. That’s difficult and stressful! Sometimes our experiences can leave us that way too!

Over the years, I have utilized the skills and knowledge from my diverse background that ranges from healthcare, higher education, and business, to serving as a life coach, patient advocate, case manager, and trainer as I have assisted many survivors of traumas. Working together we identified their skills, talents, interests, and goals. Then we determined the best tools and solutions to move forward, rebuild their lives, maximize their potential, and move toward lifelong success.

Why I Want to Help Others

You see, if there’s something I’ve walked through and I have answers and solutions that can help you get results quicker, I want to share that so it will help you reach your goals faster. Through my work, I’ve realized how much God has blessed me—despite my traumas and losses. I love sharing what I’ve learned to better someone’s life! After all, I’ve rebuilt my life over and over, just like you have.

It’s true that individuals of any socioeconomic level, education level, and personality type might experience traumas and losses that can be overwhelming. When those traumas and losses happen, they can catch us off guard, make it easy to lose our direction, sometimes even our sense of worth, and can make us doubt what we have to offer others. But, I believe that no matter what each of us has been through, every person still has untapped potential waiting to be discovered.

How I Want to Help You

My passion has always been to share what I’ve learned in my life to help others and to make sure people have the right foundational tools to move forward. To do that, I want to help you discover your purpose, regain God’s vision for your life, and restore your passion for living. Our journey together on this website will be one of igniting hope, healing, and change to help you do just that so you can maximize your potential.

I want to build a community here that can share and learn together. As you know, when we’re rebuilding, we often need everything from our spiritual and inner self to our appearance and relationships and finances.

So I’m here to serve you and I look forward to hearing from you and to interacting with you as we walk on this journey together.

The best is yet to come!