When traumas and losses occur in our lives, we often pause and look inward. How to change my life can be an important aspect of moving forward. Sometimes it’s our thinking that gets warped from what we go through. As we poke and prod at rebuilding our lives, we might realize that our thinking has been off course—maybe even for many years. Yikes!

Other times it might be that our physical health has suffered during those traumatic events. The exercises that we were regularly doing might quickly disappear when we’re in a survival mode. Finances might turn upside down. The ability to function well at work can also be a challenge depending on the trauma or loss. Some might even get mad at God and blame Him for their traumatic life events.

Traumas and losses might also affect what we think about ourselves, our abilities, or about others, so relationships might fall by the wayside as well.

Stay tuned because we will address topics like this so you can effectively change and move forward.