Discover Your True Potential

Does that sound far-fetched? Do you wonder how you might do that when you’ve actually been focused on simply surviving the challenging events that have come at you? Well, you can discover your true potential if you’re aware of finding what it might be. Like the man with the backpack in the photo, looking ahead and set to explore the world around him, each day we can discover more about our true potential. Sometimes we just need to stop and reflect on failures and successes, look at what interests us most, what skills and talents we have, and then be brave enough to try something new.


Tune into Your Interests

I love discovering things and learning new things. So I say that no matter what has happened in our lives we need to stay curious. How? You might already be doing it without realizing it. Think about the times you’ve wondered about something only to look up your question on the internet. See, you’re already doing some research!

Sometimes when we change jobs we might find ourselves learning new skills or tasks with that job. As we go forward, we learn which tasks we like doing and those that we do not like and why. Who wants a job with tasks that they hate? When we change jobs, it’s often because we want to earn more money and do more of what we enjoy doing.

A day in our lives might seem to hold many puzzle pieces. But, what appears to be a variety of disconnected pieces one day, may often suddenly interlock and connect beautifully into something that makes our heart sing!

Your Skills and Talents

Let’s not forget what you have already learned in life. Consider the skills and talents you have developed over the years. Which ones do you use most often? Are there ones you wish you could use more? Which skills and talents fit best with who you really are and your personality? Some of those skills and talents could very well be part of your true potential, so you don’t want to overlook them.

When we look at our skills, talents, and interests, the puzzle pieces can sometimes keep us from seeing the big picture where those pieces are all connected. But, keep pressing forward. Follow your heart and find the skills, talents, and interests that fit you best and go for it.

Your True Potential

Where will all the puzzle pieces of your true potential lead you? To performing on a stage? Setting up business deals? Climbing Mt. Everest? Owning a business? Helping those less fortunate? Making a difference in the lives of others?

No matter what you have come through, you are not defined by it. You learn from your past and move forward stronger and wiser to pursue your dreams and passions and to discover your true potential.

Now it’s time to find your true potential and passionately pursue it!


Thank you for sharing!

8 thoughts on “Discover Your True Potential”

  1. You are very right Colleen, no matter what one goes through, they are not defined by it. I grew up with a mindset of what I want to achieve and a lot challenges along the way tried to distract me. But focusing on my interest and leveraging on my past mistakes gave me the courage to keep pushing forward.

    • Thank you for visiting my site and for sharing your thoughts, Peter! So true, that we really can move beyond how our lives started and pursue what’s on our hearts. It really helps to be lifelong learners who are willing to learn from our mistakes, leverage them, and move on to conquer new challenges.

  2. Wow, so helpful! I think we get so caught up in what we need to learn before we actually do something. The most important is to find out what you are ALREADY GOOD AT, then work on that and become great at it! Be great at one thing but good at everything else. This is what separates the successors from the failures, the fact that everyone tries to be a jack-of-all-trades when this is a one-way ticket to being a nobody. Thanks for the clarification into all of this.

    • Hi Brandon…Thank you for visiting and for sharing your thoughts. Seems like we can always improve and learn more if we’re teachable. We can’t go wrong when we’re always reaching to do our best and going the extra mile to serve others. 🙂

  3. I love discovering things and learning new things as well. My favorite thing to do is “Google it”! Anytime I need a answer for something, I start researching on the internet. This is a great post, very helpful.

    • Hi Tammy! Yes, Google is a favorite online research tool these days. There are tons of answers at our fingertips now which makes learning and discovering things about our potential that much easier and fun! Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts.

  4. I love how you say we should always stay curious no matter what has happened in our lives. I too believe that we should always be on a path of discovery to find fulfillment. Because if we are seeking nothing, that is exactly what we will find.
    And I believe self discovery is one of the greatest discoveries; that’s where we realize our gifts and live to put them to use. Great post!

    • Hi Yemi…Sometimes through our life journeys and experiences, we discover things that we’re interested in and didn’t even realize it. Who knew, right? For instance, we may start careers in one area only to find that we’re far more passionate about a totally different area. So off we go to pursue what aligns with our heart to see how we can help others in that area. Yes, we thrive when we stay curious and keep discovering! Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts. I appreciate it! 🙂


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