I Want My Own Business

What does starting a business have to do with rebuilding your life? It depends on what you’re rebuilding from whether saying I want my own business is even realistic. For instance, are you rebuilding from a job loss, physical loss, relational loss, financial loss, vehicle or housing loss, etc.? Sometimes it seems like our greatest needs are financial when we’re rebuilding our lives, so it’s easy to consider other ways to make money, including starting a business. But getting a steady paycheck so you can provide for your family might be the best thing you can do. Once your family and home are stabilized, then you can develop your business idea.

Job Loss

Jobs can be lost for so many reasons, but if employers change, pass away, or suddenly become sick or disabled, you might find yourself without a job. Of course, jobs can change when people get fired or laid off or if new owners take over the business! Jobs may also be lost when someone is aging and management wants younger people because the insurance costs less. Sometimes workers are pushed out of jobs by others who feel threatened for some reason.

Losing a job, no matter what the reason, is a humbling experience. It is also one that can leave your personal finances in a mess if there is no savings account to fall back on. Counting on friends and family for financial help may not work, because their funds might be limited. Besides, you’re responsible for your life, which means not tapping others for help on an ongoing basis.  So with financial changes, you might find yourself saying, that’s it, I’ve had enough, I want my own business.

Keep emotions out of the way and look at the long-term consequences of your choices.—even if you’re fed up with working for someone else, their quirks and demands, or other employees, or just being overworked and underpaid. Take a deep breath and figure out what makes the most sense. Over the years of helping people rebuild their lives, I’ve seen people grab a few tools and jump out there to start a small business with little to no planning. Some managed to have success while others failed miserably.

Get Out of Crisis Mode

So where do you start? If a job loss has created a crisis for your family with insufficient food, clothing needs, money shortage, or leaves you with transportation challenges, then you first must stop the bleeding and get out of the crisis by finding another job or do contract work to make ends meet.

In larger cities, you’ll likely find a United Way office that will offer a wide variety of assistance to those who are in need, but you must first meet the criteria of the organization to which they refer you. Many cities and towns have churches and social service organizations that help with food, clothing, transportation, and shelter. Some churches and agencies also offer assistance with gas, light, water and phone bills. If you’re not sure how to find help, search online using Google to look for local resources or call your local churches. Hopefully, you will never end up in a crisis of this magnitude. Instead, find that next job, get your family stabilized, then consider developing a business, even an online business, doing work that you enjoy.

Where to Start Right Now?

Wanting to work from home is a great idea, but how do you find a legitimate business to work with? Do your research and beware of scams. Search online with terms like “best remote jobs companies” or something similar and you’ll find valuable information. The key to finding legitimate work from home jobs is using the “remote” term when searching, instead of the terms work at home, or part-time work. While searching, watch for well-known business publications that offer lists of legitimate companies hiring remote workers. In your search, you may find part-time or full-time work or even temporary contract work through these companies.

My Own Business

Let’s face it, jobs come and go pretty easily anymore. If you ever find yourself without a job or work, you may wish that you had started your own business or that you were the boss calling the shots. Well, never give up on that idea! I truly believe that being a business owner or entrepreneur is a great way to earn a living doing what you enjoy and using the skills that you love to help other people. But, first you have to look realistically at your current situation and get stabilized, then move forward to tackle your dreams.

Having done freelance contract work and having owned small businesses throughout my life, there is a lot to be said for being able to set your own days and hours to work and choose the people with whom you want to work. With current work from home opportunities and online businesses, it is possible to use your skills, talents, and interests to develop a website, attract potential clients, generate money and grow the online business that you’ve always wanted. So by all means, don’t give up on the idea of wanting your own business.

On another note, your local SCORE office can be a good place for developing your personal business ideas. It is a non-profit association that is supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration Score and is run by volunteer business experts and mentors who will help you find answers to your questions. Get more information on their website at https://www.score.org/

Now you have a couple major options to check out. Working from home for one, finding “remote jobs” companies as an independent contractor or connecting with the SCORE office near you to pursue your own small business. Go, create a successful day!

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4 thoughts on “I Want My Own Business”

  1. Very useful tips and advice in this post! I’d never heard of using the search term “remote” before when looking for at home jobs. I’ve used my local SCORE office for small business help and they were so useful. The amount of information they offer and give out for free is amazing. They can usually set you up with someone locally that has done or is currently in the same type of business that you’re considering doing! Thanks for the info!

    • So glad you found the post helpful, Jennifer! Remote seems to be the popular term used now for work from home jobs. I believe that SCORE continues to get better every year. Always worth checking out. Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts.

  2. Many may want their own business. But I suggest that people do some soul searching and make an honest self-evaluation if it is something they can do. With an online business, you have to wear many hats.

    • You’re speaking the truth, Maurice! Unfortunately, too often people don’t realize what all it takes to persevere in a business. Starting a business while in a crisis situation may not be a wise idea for some folks. While consulting to small business owners, I have seen so many individuals lack the discipline, character, and proper attitudes to do what’s right at the right time so their businesses succeed. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! May God bless and prosper you!


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