REVIEW of Transfer Point Beta 1, 3D Glucan-500 mg


500mg Transfer Point Beta Glucan - 60 Capsules

Transfer Point Beta-1, 3D Glucan – 500 mg
Boosts the immune system to provide support and balance.

What in the world is Beta 1, 3D Glucan and what does it do? I had never heard of it until several years ago when I was researching healthy alternatives to boost the immune system and found it was also used for cancer patients, preventing cancer, and more.  Having been through some stressful times, and nights of poor sleep, my immune system needed more support than I was finding in other ways. After researching beta glucan in general and learning about this specific product, I had to try it for myself to see if I could tell any difference. I could! So the rest is history and that’s what I want to let you know about in this post. I’ve tried this myself and I know for sure that it is an awesome product! My Review of this product is not about comparing it to others because it is the best and surpasses competitors.

What is Transfer Point Beta 1, 3D Glucan?

Well, this specific Transfer Point product is a Beta Glucan that is worth talking about. There are a number of beta glucan products on the market, but the one I’m discussing here is the top of the line in quality, purity, and results. It is made by Transfer Point and research has shown that it’s far more pure and potent than all the other beta glucan competitors. Better Way Health is the metro Atlanta company that is the top seller of this Beta 1, 3D Glucan. Here is what the experts at Better Way Health say about this product to help us understand how it works.

“Beta Glucans are polysaccharides composed solely of glucose. The Beta Glucan product works by activating the immune cells known as Macrophages. These Macrophages trap and consume foreign substances that do not belong in the body.

They “trigger” a whole cascade of immune functionality, allowing your body to produce the most complete, effective, and appropriate immune system response achievable.

Think of your immune system as a cavalry of “Generals.” These Generals, are the brains behind an army of immune system “soldiers”; whose goal is to ward off any bodily invaders. Beta Glucan is the catalyst in making your Immune System Generals “smarter,” while increasing the strength of your Immunocyte Army. Arming yourself with a more appropriate defense against life’s daily challenges, is like giving your Immune System the special training it needs, to be all it can be.”

Why Our Body Needs It

Our immune systems are bombarded every day from chronic stress, infectious diseases, unhealthy food consumption, insufficient exercise, being sedentary, inadequate sleep, and a lack of proper vitamins and nutrients. So when traumatic events or chronic stress occur, it’s easy to feel fatigued or even like there’s a cold or sore throat starting. Ever experienced that during or after trying times? I know I have. When our system becomes too weak, then sickness and disease show up.

How It Works

There are three cells in our immune system that defend it. They are T Lymphocytes, B Lymphocytes, and Macrophages. These Macrophage cells are powerful and switch from being steady to being fully activated. Beta 1, 3D Glucan activates the macrophages in our immune system which identifies the invaders and jump starts our immune system process of eliminating them. According to Better Way Health, when the T-Lymphocytes collaborate with the Macrophages, they become “natural killer cells,” finding and destroying viruses and cancer cells.


Whether you’ve just come through a major traumatic event or just feel run down and sluggish from not eating right, not exercising enough, or poor sleep, then you should try this product. On the other hand, if you have ever had chronic fatigue, had constant sinus infections, feel burned out or overworked, have had Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, cancer, or any specific health problem that hit your immune system hard, then definitely check out this Beta 1, 3D Glucan-500 mg and how it can improve your immune system. You deserve to feel better and accomplish more. It has really strengthened my immune system, so I know it works!



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