Impact of a Cancer Diagnosis

Many people are rebuilding their lives after a cancer diagnosis, so I want to give you some tips for easing the “C” word diagnosis.  It’s a diagnosis that is handed out too often in the U.S. these days and it’s something that nobody wants to receive. The impact of a cancer diagnosis can very negatively affect the patient, the family, friends, neighbors, physical health, mindset, attitude, outlook, work capability, and basically everything. In this post, I want to share some important information that will help should you or a loved one ever receive that type of diagnosis. 

Take a Deep Breath

First, do not panic! That’s right! Take a deep breath, try to minimize stress, and do not make quick, panicky, impulsive decisions. There are many effective, successful, alternative cancer treatments available. And yes, they are adding years to peoples’ lives. Unfortunately, not enough people know this because treating cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry. If natural treatments and cures exist, who would stand to lose money? The patient? Or, the doctor, hospitals,  and pharmaceutical companies?

I’ve had loved ones pass away because of cancer, but the most recent one was my dear friend of many years. He received a cancer diagnosis from an oncologist who told him that he was definitely going to die. To make matters worse, at each visit with that oncologist, he said the same thing again to my friend and his sister. A diagnosis of that type is difficult enough to process, but to dump additional negativity on a patient and his family like that is not right. I remember how appalled I was when my friend told me what the doctor said. I was further saddened at how the doctor repeated that statement at each visit. This is a time when compassionate and sensitive communication and care are needed. My friend said that he quickly reminded the doctor that he (the doctor) was not God and that my friend would live until God chose otherwise. However, the doctor’s words rang in my friend’s ears and in his sister’s ears. It was a horrible time for them because they had no other oncologist in their area.

I’m reminded of a previous blog I wrote on The Power of Words and the impact that words have in and on our lives. What a negative impact that doctor’s words had on my friend and his sister! He was treated by a professional who they expected to be compassionate, but who actually seemed not to care. Not once. When a cancer diagnosis is heard, it can be shocking and life-changing. It can knock the wind out of a person for a while. In fact, for many who are already sick, it is easy for them to lose hope with every negative word spoken. So stay positive and speak words that will bring life to everybody dealing with the diagnosis rather than speaking doom and gloom. If you believe in God as I do, trust God to give you the wisdom to know what to do and to get you through. You can ask others to pray for you or the person with the diagnosis too.

Learn All You Can

Second, do your own research. That’s right. Knowledge is power. Educate yourself. With the internet at your fingertips, I dare you to be an active participant in your care(or your friend’s care) by educating yourself and others and by doing whatever research is needed to find what will be helpful for the diagnosis received. There are many helpful sites for learning about alternative cancer treatment options. Having been an advocate for natural health alternatives for many years, when my friend received a cancer diagnosis I was determined to find better and less toxic solutions than the chemo and radiation offered by the oncologist.

My dad passed away with cancer nearly 18  years ago, so I started researching alternative cancer options at that time, but got busy after his death and never resumed my research. Throughout my friend’s illness, I did massive research and that’s why I want others to know that there are healthier options.

In my research, I learned that the alternative cancer therapy experts say that chemo kills the cancer cells, but it does not kill the cancer stem cells. So while the chemo may kill the cancer cells initially, because it does not kill the cancer stem cells, the cancer will often come back later and will be far worse than before. So do your research! A great place to start researching is on a website called, The Truth About Cancer at Ty Bollinger runs this site and is a cancer survivor on a mission to educate others that cancer can be cured. He and his wife are the real deal.  They’re passionate about helping others learn the truth because Ty lost about seven (7) loved ones to cancer.

Third, be aware that there is a push to start treatment fast. My friend was told that he must start 12 sessions of chemotherapy immediately. So he did. He started but stopped after 8 sessions because he became very sick. You decide when to stop and start. Yes, do your research, listen to what medical experts say, but also listen carefully to what alternative care experts say because they will offer far less toxic treatment. Consider the pros and cons of each choice when making your decisions.

Fourth, you have a say in this because it’s your body. No need to be pushed into doing what you’re not sure about. If you do not like the idea of sitting in a chemo center for several hours while they intravenously push toxic chemicals into your bloodstream, then look for healthier alternatives that are out there. If the thoughts of having radiation to burn tumors (along with other parts of your body in the path of the radiation) do not appeal to you, then be sure to search for healthier alternatives that will build up your immune system. You want your immune system to be strong and built up so it can effectively fight the cancer, rather than to be devastated by chemicals or radiation.

Develop a Plan

Fifth, call or email and ask questions about alternative cancer therapies. There are many people who have beat cancer using a variety of vitamins or supplements. Along with that, some have used carrot juice, others have focused on using certain types of vitamin C, and some have used essiac tea, etc. The Truth About Cancer is a good educational site for starters. Follow the links from there if you find something that you want to study further. I’m not saying that you can do only one thing to beat cancer. There are many options and it often takes many things to get the job done well.

Make Lifestyle Changes

Sixth, get plenty of walking and aerobic exercise, quality sleep, decrease stress however you can, and let healthy food be your medicine. Eating sugar is like adding gasoline to a fire, because it makes cancer cells grow. Did you know that?

I’m simply saying here that you have choices. Do your research, ask questions, and decide what will work best for you. You must be prepared to take action and to do what’s needed to beat the cancer and to maintain that level of health for the rest of your life. As you can see, the impact of a cancer diagnosis can be life-changing in many ways, but never give up!

Hopefully, this post has started you thinking about what choices might be out there that you’ve never considered. I would like to hear your thoughts on the possibility of beating cancer naturally and/or the impact that someone’s cancer diagnosis has had on your life. Thank you for reading and for sharing your thoughts.

Thank you for sharing!

8 thoughts on “Impact of a Cancer Diagnosis”

  1. Thank you for the relief you have given in your words.
    I have lost a few family members to cancer, and so has my husband.
    Both of his parents died from more than one type of the “C’ word.
    You have given some really good tips here that will be very useful.
    My mom beat uterine cancer YEARS ago thank goodness.
    I never knew that sugar helps cancer grow. That is a really scary thought especially for those who don’t know and can possibly have cancer without knowing.
    The impact of cancer is never good. Whether you are the one diagnosed, a family member or a close friend.
    Knowing that there are people to turn to and ways to get information from the online world is a blessing.
    Thank you for your blessing that you are providing as a life coach.

    • I’m sorry that you also have had loved ones pass away with cancer, Lee Ann. One key is having the knowledge so we can make adjustments in our lives to apply what works in preventing cancer. With such a negative diagnosis, people panic and forget to do their own research to look for alternative cancer treatments, so they can make decisions on what will keep their immune system the healthiest. It’s far easier for patients to blindly follow doctors’ orders without asking enough questions about their options. According to my research, healthy, alternative therapy options are not shared because medical doctors can lose their licenses for discussing those therapy options. The good news is that cancer IS being cured regularly with alternative therapies. Yay! Here’s to living a long, healthy life! Thank you for stopping by to share your thoughts!

  2. Wow thank you for sharing Colleen, I can’t imagine going through anything like that. I’ve lost family members to cancer as well . The impact can be devastating, so this is definitely good advice for helping to accept the diagnosis and figure out to keep fighting.

    • Sorry to hear that cancer has impacted your life with the loss of loved ones. It truly has a far-reaching impact. So much can be done with diet and lifestyle changes even once a cancer diagnosis is received. Everyone needs to hit pause and make time to do their own research and decide what’s right for their situation, condition, and health. Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts and experiences.

  3. Hi Colleen, thank you for a great article.

    I lost my mother to cancer and you are right when you first hear the news about cancer from your doctor it is devastating for all the family.

    Like you I too believe in alternative therapies and I firmly believe cancer can be cured with alternative therapies without the need for chemo or radiation.

    Of course the drug companies and doctors don’t want people going down this route as they stand to lose a lot of money!

    From my understanding cancer cells can’t live in an alkaline environment and thrives in acidic envirnoment so the first obvious step, in my opinion, is to start eating alkaline foods! Then do your own research into the alternative therapy that is right for you.

    Thank you for the website link, people really need to do their research and learn the truth about cancer!

    Stay blessed and keep up the good work!

    • I’m sorry to hear that your life has also been impacted by a loved one passing away with cancer. Eating foods and consuming beverages that will aid the body in staying alkaline is important, but can be quite a major shift for some. But… when our lives depend on getting healthy, “most” of us are willing to go the extra mile so we can live a long, healthy life. I know I’m always making changes in my diet and lifestyle. Check this out this link for further information on staying healthy despite traumatic diagnoses. I appreciate you stopping by and sharing your thoughts and your kind words of encouragement.

  4. This is a great cancer article, Colleen. I’ve lost many family members to cancer and had it myself when I was 29. My doctor just blurted it out! Terrible bedside manners. I think because I was so young, it really freaked me out, but I got through it. I appreciate your recommendations and I’m sure people will benefit from your post, thank you!

    • I’m sorry to hear that you’ve lost loved ones to cancer, but I’m glad that you survived it! I think that giving patients a cancer diagnosis has to be hard. So maybe over time, it’s easy for the doctors to become insensitive to the trauma the patient is going through when they hear those words. I wish you and your family long, healthy lives! Thank you for pausing to share your experiences.


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