Who is Influencing You?

Seems like we’re in and out of the process of rebuilding our lives. But no  matter what stage we’re in, we need to consider the influences in our lives and  how they are impacting our ability to rebuild our lives and move forward after traumatic events. Have you really thought about who is influencing you?  


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You Can Change Your Life


The process of rebuilding our lives after traumatic events can take time depending on how much of an impact the trauma has had on our lives and on our well-being. It also depends on how resilient (or able to bounce back) we might be. Whatever the situation, it’s important to remember Continue reading “You Can Change Your Life”

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Know Anyone Who’s Been Arrested?


Do you know anyone who’s been arrested? Chances are good that you do. Maybe it was a relative, boss, neighbor, or co-worker who drank too much at the office party or college party and had a ride in the police car afterwards. They and their families will be rebuilding from that in some way. Maybe you know someone  Continue reading “Know Anyone Who’s Been Arrested?”

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