Who is Influencing You?

Seems like we’re in and out of the process of rebuilding our lives. But no  matter what stage we’re in, we need to consider the influences in our lives and  how they are impacting our ability to rebuild our lives and move forward after traumatic events. Have you really thought about who is influencing you?  


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Impact of a Cancer Diagnosis


Many people are rebuilding their lives after a cancer diagnosis, so I want to give you some tips for easing the “C” word diagnosis.  It’s a diagnosis that is handed out to often in the U.S. these days and it’s something that nobody wants to receive. The impact of a cancer diagnosis can very  Continue reading “Impact of a Cancer Diagnosis”

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I Just Lost My Job


One of the challenging losses that we may face in life is losing a job. No one is immune to this happening. The day when we have to tell others that I just lost my job can be stressful. Sometimes you can tell Continue reading “I Just Lost My Job”

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The Power of Words

Gerd Altmann
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What do words have to do with rebuilding our lives? Everything! The power of words cannot be overlooked, but sometimes we don’t realize the power that’s in our words. Continue reading “The Power of Words”

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